Bios - Billy Kincaid

Voiced By: Ronny Cox
First Appearance: "Evil Intent"
Position: Dead

Bio: Son of Senator Scott McMillan, Billy Kincaid had a terrible secret that his father kept covered up: Kincaid liked children. Not in the normal way however; Kincaid would take the children during his Ice Cream route and back home with him. Later, he’d dump their mutilated bodies in garbage bags into Rat City’s alleys.

Kincaid’s downfall came about when he took Wanda Blake’s child, Cyan. When Spawn heard this, he went after Kincaid to rescue Cyan. After a lengthy battle and nearly killing Kincaid, Spawn withheld and merely returned Cyan to her parents.

While Kincaid lay broken on the ground, Clown came up. Kincaid asked if he could have any ice cream and Clown replied “Sorry asshole, we’re all out of ice cream.” Clown then pulled out a gun and shot Billy in the head.

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