Releases - DVD - Todd McFarlane's Spawn 2

Release Information
Format: DVD
Street Date: 11/3/98
MSRP: $9.97
Packaging Type: DVD tray (FLP snapper)
Media Quantity: 1
Run Time: 144 minutes

Special Features
• DVD ROM Features
• DVD ROM exclusive web site
• Filmographies
• Interviews
• Scene Access
Aspect Ratio
Standard [4:3 Transfer]

English (Dolby Digital 2.0)

Edition Details
• Encoding: Region 1
• Animated, Color, Closed-captioned

Synopsis: Todd McFarlane's hell-spawn returns to battle the forces of evil on earth in this powerful feature-length installment of SPAWN. How can you avenge betrayal and murder? How can you fight for right in a world so steeped in evil? How can you protect those you love most from all that can do them harm? No man living - or dead - can tell you. But one trapped between both is struggling for an answer that can save the lives of his most beloved, or plunge the world into eternal darkness. The cloak and chains of Spawn explode from the comic book onto the screen in a deadly tornado of untapped, unwrapped, merciless power.

Spawn’s second season resides on this DVD, complete with a nice video and audio transfer and a disappointing amount of special features.

Season two was definitely an interesting season of Spawn. It wasn’t my favorite, but it had many good elements to it and that confrontation between Wynn and Spawn at the end of it simply can’t be beat. The opening episode with Chapel going after Spawn is also probably one of my favorite, if not absolute favorite, Spawn episode. There are so many good elements between the two in that fight that it’s just a ton of fun to watch, both for the visuals and for the drama/story.

Video and audio match that of the other seasons. A bit of grain on the video and a nice, clear Dolby 2.0 track, there’s nothing too horrible looking here. Perhaps the only real disappointing thing on this release is the lack of commentary track. There’s an interview with McFarlane, but seeing as how the first and third seasons have commentary makes this second season feel a bit naked in the special features area.

Overall you’re going to need to pick up this DVD if you want the entire series. As before, I recommend just going for the Ultimate Collection—there’s simply more bang for your buck in that set.

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