Releases - DVD - Todd McFarlane's Spawn

Release Information
Format: DVD
Street Date: 11/18/97
MSRP: $9.97
Packaging Type: DVD tray (FLP snapper)
Media Quantity: 1

Special Features
ē Interview with Todd McFarlane
ē Running Commentary with Todd McFarlane
ē Story Boards
ē Rap Sheet
ē "Spawn" Movie Trailer
Aspect Ratio
Standard [4:3 Transfer]

English (Dolby Digital 2.0)

Edition Details
ē Encoding: Region 1
ē Animated, Color, Closed-captioned

Synopsis: How can you avenge betrayal and murder? How can you fight for right in a world so steeped in evil? How can you protect those you love most from all that can do them harm? No man living - or dead - can tell you. But one trapped between both is struggling for an answer that can save the lives of his most beloved, or plunge the world into eternal darkness. The cloak and chains of Spawn explode from the comic book page onto the screen in a deadly tornado of untapped, unwrapped, merciless power.

When reviewing this DVD I have to keep in mind that itís been nearly a decade since it came out. And then when I realize that itís a ten year old DVD, I become impressed by all that they put on this disc. Interviews, full commentary, story boards, trailersÖitís quite an impressive line up for a DVD that first saw store shelves in 1997.

Obviously you can view my full thoughts on the first season of Spawn elsewhere on this site, so Iíll keep my comments on the feature brief. The first season of Spawn introduces us to the character and his world and is a must-start point in this series. Itís not a series you can just jump into, so this is a required viewing if you want to know whatís going on in later seasons.

Video is a generic transfer for cel animation: itís kind of dirty and grainy, but overall not bad, again, considering its age. Audio is default stereo, though I got some faux 5.1 going on with my receiveródonít know what that was about, but it was interesting, none the less.

Special features are pretty much all you could want on this release. Behind the scenes story boards, interviews and the feature length commentary were all complete surprises to me when I bought the box set. The commentary, especially, was a big treat and I loved listening to it, even if McFarlane did come off a bit pretentious at times. Of course, at the time it was recorded, the Spawn franchise was pretty much in its utopia moment.

Overall this DVD is definitely worth picking up for newcomers to the series. While I recommend the Ultimate Collection over this single disc release, as cheap as these DVDs are now, itís a good water tester in case youíre not sure what youíre getting yourself into.

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