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Season 1

Episode #01 - The Burning Vision
Original Airdate - May 16th, 1997 - Series Premiere

Al Simmons returns from his grave, lost, confused and bewildered at the world around him. While trying to figure out what has happened to him, Jason Wynn and Tony Twist are trying to figure out how to move out their illegal arms.

Episode #02 - Evil Intent
Original Airdate - May 23rd, 1997

Tormented by the thought that he can't be with his wife, Al Simmons is taunted by Clown and engages in a brawl with Clown's alter ego, Violator.

Episode #03 - No Rest, No Peace
Original Airdate - May 30th, 1997

When Tony Twist's hired hitman, Overkill, fails to kill Spawn after an all-out fight, Wynn sends in Jess Chapel to take over the case of this mysterious "alley killer."

Episode #04 - Dominoes
Original Airdate - June 6th, 1997

Tony Twist and Jason Wynn run into more problems with their partnership and the police detectives Sam Burke and Twitch Williams begin trailing the child killer known as Billy Kincaid. Wanda learns of some new evidence that will help her client be cleared of his charges.

Episode #05 - Souls in the Balance
Original Airdate - June 13th, 1997

A crazed priest is causing trouble for Spawn and the cities cops and Cyan is abducted by Billy Kincaid after Kincaid was tipped off about Cyan's location by Clown.

Episode #06 - Endgame
Original Airdate - June 20th, 1997

Everything comes to a head when Spawn learns of Cyan's kidnapping. Saving Cyan from Kincaid, Spawn returns Cyan to her parents with the wedding ring Al Simmons was buried with.

Season 2

Episode #07 - Home, Bitter Home
Original Airdate - May 15th, 1998 - Second Season Premiere

Chapel steps onto Al Simmon's territory and the two have an encounter that shakes the alleyways. At Wynn's office, Terry Fitzgerald is working late trying to figure out some shipping discrepancies.

Episode #08 - Access Denied
Original Airdate - May 22nd, 1998

After discovering out more than he should about the shipping discrepancies, Wynn orders a hit on Terry's life. Spawn intervenes, wanting to be the one to kill Terry. After learning that Terry didn't steal Wanda from him like he had originally thought, Spawn fought off Terry's killers, leaving only one alive.

Episode #09 - Colors of Blood
Original Airdate - May 29th, 1998

Wynn turns to Wanda after he's unable to find Terry after his hitmen failed. Spawn takes care of some local drug dealers that are killing the alley bums.

Episode #10 - Send in the KKKlowns
Original Airdate - June 5th, 1998

A man claiming to be doing "the Lord's work" is killing off African Americans, but finds that one he captured, Terry Fitzgerald, is more than he can handle. Spawn attempts to confront Wanda, but only scares her in the process.

Episode #11 - Deathblow
Original Airdate - June 12th, 1998

Lisa Wu begins looking into the recent Rat City alley murders and Spawn visits Wanda at home.

Episode #12 - Hellzapoppin
Original Airdate - June 19th, 1998 - Second Season Finale

Realizing that Wynn had sent people to kill both Cyan and Wanda, Spawn goes after Wynn and threatens to kill him if he doesn't back off of the Fitzgerald's.

Season 3

Episode #13 - The Mind Killer
Original Airdate - May 23rd, 1999 - Third Season Premiere

Spawn begins feeling regret about abandoning his former mentor, Major Forsberg, as Cogliostro attempts to talk Spawn into giving up the shroud.

Episode #14 - Twitch is Down
Original Airdate - May 24th, 1999

Officer Twitch Williams investigates that alley murders and confronts Spawn. After Twitch learns too much about the alley murders and Jason Wynn, Wynn sends the dirty Police Chief Banks out to kill Twitch.

Episode #15 - Seed of the Hellspawn
Original Airdate - May 25th, 1999

Attempting to frame Spawn as the shooter of Twitch, Banks freaks when Twitch survives the shot to the head. Spawn learns to use his shroud to take on the forms of others. Knowing that returning as Al would worry Wanda too much, Spawn disguises himself as Terry and makes love to his wife one last time.

Episode #16 - Hunter's Moon
Original Airdate - May 26th, 1999

A vampire, Lilly, is sent to kill the Hellspawn. Though Spawn befriends her at first, once Lilly turns on Spawn and attempts to kill him, he wastes no time in frying her with sunlight. Lisa Wu, aka Jade,  now revealed to Spawn as a hunter sent by Heaven to kill Hellspawn, confronts Spawn but allows him to go re-heal himself after he was badly wounded in his fight with Lilly.

Episode #17 - Chasing the Serpent
Original Airdate - May 27th, 1999

Spawn frees Terry Fitzgerald and Major Forsberg from Jason Wynn's opium prison and Jade, arriving to kill the Hellspawn, aids Spawn in his mission.

Episode #18 - Prophecy
Original Airdate - May 28th, 1999 - Series Finale

Seeing that Spawn is not what she originally thought, Jade spares Spawn's life. Once Heaven catches wind of this they send more angels, this time for Jade. Knowing that she'll be disgraced if she's not killed in battle by the Hellspawn, she convinces Spawn to shove her own sword through her. Spawn later learns that his sleeping with Wanda left her impregnated with the Devil's child. Tired of being a pawn to Hell, Spawn turns to Cogliostro for help in turning away the shroud.
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