Season 3 Overview

Without a doubt in my mind, the third season of Spawn is my favorite. The increased exposure to Sam and Twitch and the further development of Spawnís character make this a very enjoyable season for me. Combine the excellent storytelling with great animation, directing and the new composer for this season, you get a very solid season of Spawn.

In a nutshell, Spawnís third season is about three things: Love, revenge and redemption. The love portion belongs to what Spawn still feels for Wanda. He shares this love with her when he poses as her current husband and impregnates her with the seed of the Hellspawn. This seed will create a child that will decide the fate of Armageddon.

Revenge is what is taken on Chief Banks by Sam and Twitch. Banks shot Twitch point blank in the head after he got too close to finding out about Jason Wynnís scrupulous dealings. Twitch survived and after he regained his memory of who shot him, both Sam and Twitch confronted Banks. Bankís blew his head all over a train window in order to escape the shame and disgrace that the revelations of Bankís dealings would bring to his family.

Redemption is what Spawn requires. At the end of this season, we see Spawn turn to Cogliostoro, finally wanting to listen to his advice and find out how to rid himself of his curse.

The animation in this season was really quite great. It seems to improve with each season, but with a new batch of crew on this season it seemed to be taken to new heights. Not to say the past crew didnít do a stellar jobóobviously they had to keep me watching till the third season. But the stories this season are just so well done and coupled with some great animation; I canít help but favor this season over the others.

My main qualm with the show in past seasons was the music. You either didnít hear much of it or what you did hear really didnít have much of an impact. The new composer this season, J. Peter Robinson, really made Spawnís world feel alive. The music in the fight with Lilly the vampire, the freeing of Major Forsberg and the haunting tones that played when Heavenís hunters were after Jade all round up to be one of the best animated scores Iíve heard.

I hate that this was the last season. When you see the final episode, you literally curse outloud and say (among a few other undoubtedly vulgar things): ďThey canít end it here! What about Wanda? What about her child? What about Spawn?Ē
Yet, even after the anger you feel that there wasnít a fourth season, Iím almost satisfied. I would rather have the show end on a major high note, rather than have it tumble down and finish barely breathing.

I cannot wait until the new animated Spawn arrives. If the initial reports are true and it is a continuation of this wonderful HBO series, then Iíll be elated. To hear Keith David as Spawn again will be nothing short of wonderful.

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