Episode #16 - Hunter's Moon
Original Airdate - May 26th, 1999

A vampire, Lilly, is sent to kill the Hellspawn. Though Spawn befriends her at first, once Lilly turns on Spawn and attempts to kill him, he wastes no time in frying her with sunlight. Lisa Wu, aka Jade,  now revealed to Spawn as a hunter sent by Heaven to kill Hellspawn, confronts Spawn but allows him to go re-heal himself after he was badly wounded in his fight with Lilly.

Media and Review by Bird Boy
Written by John Leekley
Directed by Jennifer Yuh
Music by J. Peter Robinson
Animation by MOOK Co., LTD.

Keith David as Spawn
Richard Dysart as Cogliostro
Jennifer Jason Leigh as Lilly
Ming-Na Wen as Lisa Wu/Jade
Dominique Jennings as Wanda Blake
James Keane as Sam Burke
Michael McShane as Twitch Williams
Khandi Alexander as Lakesha/Nurse
John DiMaggio as Bone/Cop #2/Slezeball
Carlos Ferro as Jesus/Cop #1
Victor Brandt as Chief Banks
Greg Eagles as Charles
Julia Demita as Additional Voice
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Todd McFarlane Intro (MP3, 386kb)

Review: This episode is full of bad ass visuals. I honestly had a hard time not keeping all of the images I took; true, most of them went into biographies, but others were just thrown away all together. The best, of course, did stay; most of my favorites are from the church and the fight between Lilly and Spawn. There is some magnificent lighting in these scenes and it’s just so awesome to look at. The shot of Lilly’s burning corpse and the fire lighting Spawn’s mask, actually showing off the white markings (first time since season one, I think!)…I could go on and on about it all. Oh and that final shot of Spawn on the steeple? The pan out on that shot was great and it just screamed “money shot!” What I wouldn’t give to have the animation cel of that one.

Despite my gushing above, this episode wasn’t all just pretty images. It’s the first time and only time we see Lilly, the vampire hunter. By “vampire hunter’, I mean she’s a vampire and a hunter and when you throw those two together you get one manipulative and feisty woman to go up against.

This episode also showed the first time Twitch is out of bed after being shot in the head. Naturally it’s a bit soon for him to be walking, but whether it was done for stories sake or Twitch actually gained some kind of sixth sense, he could see where the recent alley murders happened. These murders were the result of Lilly feeding off of a few unlucky (but deserving) men who were “escorting” her to the YWCA.

Animation in this episode was stellar. Again, the scenes in the church were a particular delight to behold. In addition, this episode showed off Jade in her hunter garb, which also occurred in the church. After Spawn torched Lilly’s corpse with sunlight, Jade had a perfect opportunity to kill Spawn. But there was no honor in killing a wounded victim, so she allowed Spawn to heal himself.

Speaking of healing himself, Spawn is shown killing Lilly with morning sunlight but healing himself at his grave site with the bugs of the earth at night. I realize it was done for dramatic aspects, but unless it took Spawn all of the day to drag himself to his grave, I don’t know how that would have worked realistically. Stylistically, however, it works beautifully and since it did work so well, I’m willing to overlook a little time discrepancy in favor of enjoying the episode more.

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