Episode #15 - Seed of the Hellspawn
Original Airdate - May 25th, 1999

Attempting to frame Spawn as the shooter of Twitch, Banks freaks when Twitch survives the shot to the head. Spawn learns to use his shroud to take on the forms of others. Knowing that returning as Al would worry Wanda too much, Spawn disguises himself as Terry and makes love to his wife one last time.

Media and Review by Bird Boy
Written by John Leekley
Directed by Mike Vosburg
Music by J. Peter Robinson
Animation by D.R. Movie, New Millennium

Keith David as Spawn
Richard Dysart as Cogliostro
Debbi Morgan as Granny Blake
Kurtwood Smith as Richard Sullivan
Ming-Na Wen as Lisa Wu/Jade
Dominique Jennings as Wanda Blake
Michael Beach as Terry Fitzgerald
John Rafter Lee as Jason Wynn
James Keane as Sam Burke
Michael McShane as Twitch Williams / Gareb
Victor Brandt as Chief Banks/Agent #1
Michael Nicolosi as Clown
Kate McFarlane as Cyan
Dwight Schultz as Doctor/NSC Operative
Pamela Segall as Judy
Victor Love as Bobby
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Review: Remember that “fear not” bit I wrote from the “Twitch is Down” review? Well, here’s the future episode! Here we learn that Lisa Wu is really Jade, an ancient Hellspawn warrior who’s come for Spawn. Not only that, she tried to kill Cogliostro in the past and her hunting actually scared him to the point that he flat-out ran from her when she confronted him in the alleys.

That’s not the only thing to happen in this episode, however. No, Spawn learns of the ability to use his shroud to transform his appearance. While he first takes it of his former self, Al Simmons, and goes to talk to Wanda, he later figures out this is a bad idea. While he did talk to Granny Blake and Cyan in his Simmons disguise, he returned later as Terry so he could get close to Wanda without freaking her out.

Here’s my main problem with this episode: when Spawn takes the form of Terry, he had just witnessed a big fight between Terry and Wanda, which led to Terry speeding away from the house. Yet, when Spawn comes in as Terry while Wanda’s sleeping, Wanda has no problem making love to Terry. I’m not married, so maybe that’s how things work but it just seemed kind of screwed up. Of course, we later learn that Wanda knows that it wasn’t Terry when she becomes pregnant (more on that in the season/series finale), but it still comes off a tad bit wonky.

But, Spawn sleeping with his wife did play a big part in the series. By doing this, the title of the episode comes into play: Spawn planted his seed inside Wanda, creating a child that would…well, I can’t tell you what it’s going to do, as we don’t learn that until near the end of the season.

Overall this was a very important episode in this season. The show takes a lot of things from this episode and carries it over to the final three.

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