Episode #12 - Hellzapoppin
Original Airdate - June 19th, 1998 - Second Season Finale

Realizing that Wynn had sent people to kill both Cyan and Wanda, Spawn goes after Wynn and threatens to kill him if he doesn't back off of the Fitzgerald's.

Media and Review by Bird Boy
Written by Gerard Brown, Rebekah Bradford and John Leekley
Directed by Mike Vosburg
Music by Shirley Walker
Animation by Mad House, LTD., D.R. Movie

Keith David as Spawn
Richard Dysart as Cogliostro
Michael Nicolosi as Clown
Dominuqe Jennings as Wanda Blake
Victor Love as Terry Fitzgerald, Bobby
James Keane as Sam Burke
Micahel McShane as Twitch Williams, Gareb
John Rafter Lee as Jason Wynn
Denise Poirier as Merrick
Ming Na Wen as Lisa Wu
Kath Soucie, Dwight Schutlz, Jack Fletcher, John Hostetter, Matt McKenzie, John DiMaggio, Kevin Michael Richardson as Additional Vocies
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Review: Straight away I have to mention how much I love this episode title. It really sounds like something that’d fall out of your mouth if you had food in it, but it accurately describes what must be going on downstairs after Spawn starts screwing with Malebolgia’s plans for him.

The big thing about this episode was Spawn’s infiltration of Wynn’s office. Despite a complete security lock down and armed guards, Spawn gets in, takes out the security cameras and downs the men, one by one. Although this whole network of scenes was cool to see, I would have loved to see Spawn pose as a guard and take a few out of that way. Why would I want to see it? Only because it’s what I remember most about the comic book issue that dealt with Spawn doing the same thing in this episode.

Wynn’s incredible amount of fear in this episode was apparent even from the beginning, when Spawn takes him on a trip to Hell. Of course this turns out to be just a dream, but it shakes him up and his mood for the rest of the episode is completely changed. If there’s one thing this show does well is really screw with the characters emotions.

Clown also shows up to Wynn near the end of this episode and starts his bargaining with Wynn. This isn’t played out much in the third season (due to Clown’s almost complete lack of appearance), but played a major roll in the comics.

Perhaps the only thing I can truly complain about in this episode was the ending. Yeah, it was the sweet ending we wanted for this season but my problem was the repeated animation. I ‘m not 100% sure if the Terry on the phone animation was recycled, but the last shot of this season we see is Wanda talking to him on the phone, which is a complete re-use of animation from “Deathblow.” I can’t really blame this on anything other than the shows budget, but it still irked me a bit to see the last frame of season two was one I’d already seen.

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