Episode #11 - Deathblow
Original Airdate - June 12th, 1998

Lisa Wu begins looking into the recent Rat City alley murders and Spawn visits Wanda at home.

Media and Review by Bird Boy
Written by Gerard Brown, Rebekah Bradford and John Leekley
Directed by Tom Nelson
Music by Shirley Walker
Animation by Mad House, LTD., D.R. Movie

Keith David as Spawn
Richard Dysart as Cogliostro
Michael Nicolosi as Clown
Dominuqe Jennings as Wanda Blake
Victor Love as Terry Fitzgerald, Bobby
Kath Soucie as Cyan
James Keane as Sam Burke
Micahel McShane as Twitch Williams
John Rafter Lee as Jason Wynn
Ming Na Wen as Lisa Wu
Denise Poirier as Merrick
Xander Berkeley, John DiMaggio, Brion James, Dwight Schultz and Victor Brandt as Additional Vocies
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Review: This one starts the ball rolling to be one powerhouse end of a season. Not only are we introduced to a major player who has high stakes in season three, Lisa Wu, but we also see Spawn confront Wanda—in her own house!

Terry is picked up by the police and is taken in for questioning about the murders (see previous episode). Wynn sends someone to “protect” Wanda while she and Cyan sleep and a reporter named Lisa Wu starts digging up dirt on the Blakes and Simmons.

Without a doubt, the highlight of this episode is the Spawn/Wanda scene. While he kills (very violently I might add) the man who was sent by Wynn to kill Wanda and Cyan, Spawn completely freaks Wanda out. Cyan comes walking out after hearing Wanda cry and Spawn’s moaning for Wanda all the while. It’s a very rapid scene with a lot of noises going around, throwing confusion about. It ends with Spawn leaving and Cyan saying that it was the “sad man.” This was definitely one of the stronger scenes this season.

Aside from seeing Spawn bleed a bit in the fight with the assassin, there wasn’t a whole lot of action this round. It was a lot of discussion of what was going to happen next and characters setting up for the fallout in the final episode of the season.

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