Episode #10 - Send in the KKKlowns
Original Airdate - June 5th, 1998

A man claiming to be doing "the Lord's work" is killing off African Americans, but finds that one he captured, Terry Fitzgerald, is more than he can handle. Spawn attempts to confront Wanda, but only scares her in the process.

Media and Review by Bird Boy
Written by Gerard Brown and John Leekley
Directed by Jennifer Yuh
Music by Shirley Walker
Animation by Mad House, LTD., D.R. Movie

Keith David as Spawn
Richard Dysart as Cogliostro
Michael Nicolosi as Clown
Dominuqe Jennings as Wanda Blake
Victor Love as Terry Fitzgerald, Bobby
James Keane as Sam Burke
Micahel McShane as Twitch Williams, Gareb
John Rafter Lee as Jason Wynn
Denise Poirier as Merrick
Kevin Michael Richardson, Brendan O'Brien, Dwight Schultz, Mark Klasterin as Additional Vocies
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Review: This is one of the more screwed up episodes of this series; the demented killer is truly screwed in the head and killing all of these innocent people certainly got to me after awhile. May sound strange after seeing season one in it’s entirety, but even repeated viewings of this one still kind of creep me out. It’s not even the shot of dangling, strung up corpses—just the fact that someone actually did this.

With the screwed up portions aside, we delve into more of Terry’s situation after having an episode in-between with little revealed. Hiding from Wynn’s men, Terry eventually ends up with this killer who believes it’s his “duty” to kill Terry. Of course this twisted individual has some kind of satanic infestation, which we later learn is Malebolgia (or one of this demons anyway). This killer had killed all these people for Spawn, though the full reason was never really clear—just to piss Spawn off probably. Of course it did piss him off, as the killer ended up strung up with the rest of his victims.

This episode was also the first time Wanda saw Spawn. Naturally she’s scared out of her mind and her car that won’t start is only freaking her out more as Spawn lurks closer to her vicinity. Her car is eventually able to start and Spawn cries out to Wanda, who drives like a bat out of hell to get out of there.

Overall there was plenty to see in this episode. Oddly enough as disturbing as it is, it’s still one of my favorite episodes from the second season. The title is also quite interesting—obviously there’s a reason for it, as discussed in the very opening dialogue. Also interesting is the lack of Clown (at least I can’t remember him appearing) in this episode.

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