Bios - Wanda Blake

Voiced By: Dominuqe Jennings
First Appearance: "The Burning Vision"
Position: With her family

Bio: Ex-wife of Al Simmons, current wife of Terry Fitzgerald and mother of Cyan, Wanda is a loving wife and mother who has had one rocky life for the past five years.

When her first husband, Al Simmons (who she considered “the one”), died in a horrific “accident” while out on assignment, Wanda had a hard time moving on. Al’s best friend, Terry Fitzgerald, consoled Wanda and swore to Al that he’d keep her safe. Along the way of keeping her safe, Terry and Wanda fell in love, got married and had a child together, Cyan.

When Cyan was kidnapped, she was eventually rescued by Spawn who gave her his wedding ring. Cyan gave Wanda this ring and this was the first sign to Wanda that Al was still watching over her, though not in the form she imagined. She kept the ring, hidden in a piece of paper, in a drawer near her bed.

Spawn and Wanda confronted each other multiple times, but on both occasions Wanda was too scared to speak. Spawn came disguised as Terry Fitzgerald one night and made love to Wanda one last time. Upon doing this, Spawn set in motion a chain of events that would create the Seed of the Hellspawn, or quite simply a Child of Hell.

Wanda told Granny that she did not want the child and considered having an abortion. Granny was able to convince Wanda that it was God’s child and also asked Wanda if it was Terry’s child. Having seen a creature take the form of Terry, Wanda no doubt realized that the man she made love to previously wasn’t really Terry.

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