Bios - Maximillian "Twitch" Percival Williams

Voiced By: Michael McShane
First Appearance: "The Burning Vision"
Position: Cop

Bio: Maximillian Percival Williams is one of the best sharpshooters on the police force, lending to his nickname of “Twitch.” Why? Because he never does.

When he’s with his partner, Sam Burke (and when isn’t he?), they are able to solve almost any crime that is thrown their way. This makes them one powerful duo and leads to both a lot of respect and hate around the office.

Twitch was shot point-blank in the head by Chief Banks, by order of Jason Wynn. Twitch was investigating the alley murders and came too close to the truth of what was going on, so Wynn sent in the order to have Twitch killed. Though he shot him in the head, Twitch pulled through and was eventually able to ID his killer.

When he found out, Sam nearly put a bullet through Banks mouth. Twitch told him to back off and Sam relented reluctantly. Sam emptied Banks pistol, but left one bullet in and gave it back to Banks. After Sam and Twitch left the train, Banks pulled the trigger and scattered his brains across the train window.

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