Bios - Malebolgia

First Appearance: "Dominoes"
Position: In Hell

Bio: Malebolgia is the one who is creating Hell’s army of Hellspawns in order to do his bidding. His latest recruit, Al Simmons, is fully capable of doing the job of massacring millions and leading Malebolgia’s army to victory, but there’s one problem: he doesn’t want to.

With the Clown on Malebolgia’s side, he’s tried to get Spawn to see the true reason for his existence, but Spawn will have none of it. With a rogue Hellspawn roaming Earth, Malebolgia has a hell of a problem on his hands.

Spawn later learned that Malebolgia’s bargain wasn’t for that of Simmons life, but of the “seed of the hellspawn.” After Spawn made love to his wife and planted his seed inside of her, a new chain of events was set in motion. This child would decide the fate of Armageddon—and with every moment, it looks like Malebolgia is getting closer and closer.

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