Bios - Jason Wynn

Voiced By: John Rafter Lee
First Appearance: "The Burning Vision"
Position: Unknown

Bio: Head of NSC, Jason Wynn paid and bought his way to the top and was in the business of selling arms to foreign countries to aid in their wars. He sold to more than one side as well, so no matter who won the wars he was successful. Jason Wynn was also the man who ordered Al Simmons to be killed, telling Terry Fitzgerald that “Your friend Simmons thought he could fuck with me and I burned him alive.”

Jason Wynn’s troubles first started when a shipment of arms went “missing”; these arms, however, never left Wynn’s warehouse. One of Wynn’s employees, Terry Fitzgerald, began searching for these missing weapons and was nearly killed by hitmen hired to by Wynn to stop his investigation.

Spawn interfered in all of this to tell Wynn to back off of Terry Fitzgerald and Wanda Blake. Having no choice but to comply, Wynn conceded.

Wynn eventually lost control of his company, leaving the office right as the police arrived to arrest him. Wynn’s last chance at power was in the mask of Genghis Khan. Using one of his prisoners, Major Forsberg, as an aid to get to the mask, Wynn succeeded in finding where it currently resided.

The mask would grant the wearer the powers of Hell, but Wynn did not possess the wisdom to control the War Mask. The mask burned and scorched his face when he put it on. Fleeing the shop, Wynn returned to Major Forsberg only to find that Spawn stood in his way.

It is unknown what happened to Wynn after the shootout with Spawn.

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