Bios - Granny Blake

Voiced By: Debbi Morgan
First Appearance: "Seed of the Hellspawn"
Position: Searching For Humanity

Bio: The grandmother of Wanda Blake, Mary “Granny” Blake lost her husband, Jack, at a young age and never imagined that she’d live to be as old as she was. Al granted her one wish to be reunited with her long-dead husband, to which she was eternally grateful to Al.

Because of her being blind, she perceived Al’s reincarnated form as being an Angel, and not a demon from Hell. Believing there was still good in Al, she gave him words of encouragement and wisdom, words that he took to heart.

Though blind, Al Simmons summed it up best when he first returned in reply to Cyan who told him that her grandmother was blind: “She sees more than most.”

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