Bios - Major Forsberg

Voiced By: Robert Forster
First Appearance: "The Mind Killer"
Position: Unknown

Bio: A major anchor to Al Simmons during his war duty, Major Forsberg was a religious man who attempted to save Al before the demons could get to him.

Forsberg fled from Wynn and his duties and eventually took refuge in a remote jungle where he worshipped and protected the mask of Genghis Khan. Simmons was sent by Wynn to apprehend Forsberg.

Forsberg was thrown into one of Wynn’s prisons and left there to rot, feeding off of what little food they gave him and eating the roaches that crawled along the floor. Forsberg regularly prayed and even wrote messages on the wall with his own blood. Wynn eventually went back to Forsberg and attempted to extract information from him regarding the mask of Genghis Khan.

Forsberg was freed from his prison by Al Simmons and helped Wanda Blake and Terry Fitzgerald escape to safety.

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