Bios - Cyan Fitzgerald

Voiced By:
Kath Souche (Season 1 and 2)
Kate McFarlane (Season 3)
First Appearance: "The Burning Vision"
Position: Searching For Humanity

Bio: Daughter of Terry Fitzgerald and Wanda Blake, Cyan has had exciting times in her young life.

Cyan was captured by at first by Tony Twist via Jason Wynn. Billy Kincaid got word of Cyan by Clown and then took her. Cyan was eventually saved and returned to her parents by Spawn. Meeting her mothers first husband in his demonic and Hellspawn form, Cyan dubbed Al Simmons the “Sad Man” for his sorrow filled voice and eyes. Before leaving Spawn’s company, Al gave Cyan the wedding ring from his buried corpse. This was the first sign to Wanda that Al was still watching over her, though not in the form she imagined.

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