Bios - Clown / Violator

Voiced By:
Michael Nicolosi as Clown
James Hanes as Violator
First Appearance: "The Burning Vision" (as Clown), "Evil Intent" (as Violator)
Position: In Hell

Bio: Clown tormented Al Simmons, the newest Hellspawn, during his training on Earth. Since Hell leaves no Hellspawn unchecked, Clown was sent to be his “escort.” Telling him that his wife has left him and that he’s no good to serve Malebolgia, Clown was being an all around pain in the ass to Spawn.

Clown interfered whenever he could, giving Kincaid the heads up on Wanda’s daughter, allying himself with Wynn and countless other small things that did nothing but anger Spawn.

The “Clown” is but a “skin” for this being, his real form being that of Violator. One of the Phloebic (check spelling) brothers, in his Violator form he is a formidable opponent for Spawn. Obviously he cannot walk around as such an obvious demon all day, hence his “Clown” skin.

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