Bios - Chief Banks

Voiced By: Victor Brandt
First Appearance: "Twitch is Down"
Position: Dead

Bio: Chief of police, Banks is a dirty copy who’s on the take from Jason Wynn. Doing his bidding by covering up missing weapons, people and bodies, Banks gets a generous kickback.

Banks big failure came when he was told to kill one of his top officers, Max “Twitch” Williams. Though Banks shot him point blank in the head, Twitch survived and was able to eventually remember who shot him. When Twitch and his partner, Sam Burke, confronted Banks with this evidence, they gave Banks the option of what to do: give himself up and let his family see what he did or to take his own life.

Chief Banks life ended when he put his own gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger, splattering his brains all over a train car window.

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