Bios - Jess Chapel

Voiced By: Ruben Santiago-Hudson
First Appearance: "No Rest, No Peace"
Position: In Jail

Bio: The soldier who stopped the man who made an attempt on the Presidents life (the bullet which Al Simmons took), Chapel was trained by Al Simmons himself.

After his training with Simmons, Chapel was ordered to kill Simmons by Jason Wynn. Though Simmons considered Chapel a friend, Chapel didn’t feel the same way; he despised Simmons for his high capabilities and attention he got for taking a bullet for the President of the United States. Using a flamethrower, Chapel torched Simmons body. Simmons was given a hero’s burial back in the States and Chapel went underground.

Jason Wynn brought Chapel back when some new guy was taking out Wynn’s men and stealing his weapons. Chapel eventually found the source in the alleys of Rat City. He confronted Spawn with every rocket launcher and machine gun he had, but there was no way to kill someone already dead. Not accepting that Al Simmons was really back from the dead, Chapel’s mind slowly started to unravel and he was picked up the Police. With no fingerprints or any way of telling who he was, the Police were baffled as to who it was.

Max “Twitch” Williams questioned Chapel about Al Simmons, which led Twitch closer to the man behind all the recent alley murders.

Chapel is still in police custody.

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